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Unlock the Power of Green Evaluation with the IPDET 2024 On-Site Program

Are you ready to revolutionize your green projects and make a lasting impact on our environment?


Introducing the Green Evaluation Series, a unique opportunity presented by the IPDET 2024 On-Site Program at the University of Bern, Switzerland.


Evaluation Helps Green Project Leaders to:
  • Amplify agency’s impact
    Green projects are often challenged by complex contexts and long project cycles, and the impact of green interventions sometimes requires decades to realize, which raises the bar to secure donors and investors. Credible evaluation helps you map your projects with impact and improve projects’ cost-effectiveness.

  • Demonstrate commitment to transparency and accountability
    Solid and consistent evaluation helps you to level up your organization’s standards in transparency and accountability, facilitate the execution of evidence-based policies, and win stakeholders’ trust.

  • Engage stakeholders and communities
    Evaluations can be used as tools to ensure project benefits are equitably distributed, enhance local ownership, and foster trust.

  • Build stronger agency
    Evaluations assess project risks and uncertainties, helping agencies anticipate and mitigate potential challenges, enhancing not just the project, but also the agencies' resilience and sustainability.


Two Workshops to Kickstart Your Journey on Green Evaluation

This year’s International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) On-Site program at the University of Bern, Switzerland, will present two green evaluation workshops instructed by esteemed experts from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval) with decades of experience in the field.

Workshop: "Evaluation at the Nexus of Environment and Development"
When: 22.-24. July 2024
Moderators: Juha Uitto, Geeta Batra and Anupam Anhand

Workshop: "Evaluation of Climate Change and Development"
When: 25.-26. July
Moderators: Sven Harten, Martin Noltze and Alexandra Köngeter

The two workshops complement each other. While participants are welcome to choose any one of them at their convenience, the sequence of both workshops is recommended for evaluators and commissioners with a focus on green evaluations to get a comprehensive understanding of the most relevant topics in this space.


Enrollment deadline: 7 June, 2024 (Friday)

Enroll in four steps:

  1. Check out our workshops and confirm your choice;

  2. Check out the fee information to confirm your attendance option;

  3. Create an account or log in here;

  4. Under "My IPDET", please follow "APPLY FOR THE PROGRAM"

Participant’s Review

Tabitha Olang, the Africa Region MEL Manager of the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), based in Kenya, attended both workshops last year and found the insight timely, “What really struck me in these two workshops was that they both mentioned the concept of transformational change for climate action.”

Equipped with the workshops, she can now understand the stages of transformational change, identify signals of transformation, set up transformational change measurement frameworks, clearly demonstrate to the organization leadership if the project is on the right path, and stay confident even in the early stages of a long-term project.

She not only gained knowledge in the program but also built friendships and a support network, which is beneficial to her professional growth and also a valuable asset for her agency.

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