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Sowing and Harvesting. Participatory Evaluation Handbook

  • Esteban Tapella
  • Pablo Rodríguez Bilella
  • Juan Carlos Sanz
  • Jorge Chavez-Tafur
  • Julia Espinosa Fajardo

With a transformational viewpoint on reality, this handbook presents participatory evaluation as a community of dialogue that, by means of sowing collective views and experiences, manages to harvest learnings of improvement to boost present and future realities. The EvalParticipativa community would like to invite you to go over the handbook, we trust it will prove to be a useful tool and an ally for facilitating quality participatory evaluation experiences in the region.

Bibliographische Angaben

  • Esteban, T., P. Rodríguez Bilella, J. Carlos Sanz, J. Chavez-Tafur and J. Espinosa Fajardo (2022), Sowing & Harvesting. Participatory Evaluation Handbook, 2nd English edition, German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval), Bonn.
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