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Does Irrigation Strengthen Climate Resilience? Geo-Spatial Impact Evaluation, Mali

  • Ariel BenYishay
  • Seth Goodman
  • Rachel Sayers
  • Kunwar Singh
  • Madeleine Walker
  • Dr. Mascha Rauschenbach
  • Dr. Martin Noltze

The discussion paper is part of the DEval evaluation of interventions for climate change adaptation. This paper focuses on an existing evidence gap on the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of irrigation infrastructure interventions for strengthening climate resilience and climate change adaptation in the nexus of agriculture and water. The evaluation selected the long-term investments of German financial and technical development cooperation in Mali as a representative learning case for similar interventions in the context of climate vulnerability and conflict in the African Sahel region.

Bibliographische Angaben

  • BenYishay A., S. Goodman, R. Sayers, K. Singh, M. Walker, M. Rauschenbach and M. Noltze (2023), Does Irrigation Strengthen Climate Resilience? A Geospatial Impact Evaluation of Interventions in Mali, DEval Discussion Paper 1/2023, German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval), Bonn.
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