• Head of Competence Centre for Evaluation Methodology / Deputy Director

Dr Sven Harten

Political Scientist, PhD at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE); Evaluation expert with more than 15 years experience in design and implementation of evaluations in the field of development cooperation; More than 10 years professional experience managing projects and programs in developing countries as well as managing evaluations, including M&E Missions to more than 50 countries; Worked at/for World bank Group, European Commission, Change Management & Evaluation Consultancy firms and as independent consultant.

Key qualifications

Thematic focus

Design, Management, and Implementation of Evaluations, e.g. Randomised Controlled Trials

Design and Implementation of Monitoring Systems

Instruments and Structures of Multilateral and International Development Cooperation (World Bank Group, European Commission)

Implementation of Development Projects (e.g. in Microfinance, Digital Financial Services, rural development)

Trainings and capacity building on M&E

Methodological focus

Quantitative and qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods

Selected publications


Noltze, M., G. Leppert und S. Harten (2018), “Impact Assessment in Complex Evaluations”, Rural 21, Vol. 52, No. 1, pp. 21 - 23.

Cull, R., X. Gine, S. Harten, S. Heitmann, A. B. Rusu (2018), "Agent banking in a highly under-developed financial sector: Evidence from Democratic Republic of Congo", World Development, Vol. 18, No.107, S. 54 – 74.

Innovative ways of promoting household savings. Evidence from a randomized control trial in Senegal. Cull, R. Gine, X., Harten, S. and Buri, S.; World Bank Working Papers Series (2015, forthcoming)

Increasing financial inclusion through agent banking? A regression analysis of the characteristics of successful agents. Cull, R. Gine, X., Harten, S. and Rusu, A.; World Bank Working Papers Series (2015, forthcoming) 

Benchmarking the Financial Performance, Growth, and Outreach of Greenfield Microfinance Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cull, R.; Harten, S.; Nishida, I. and Bull, G.; World Bank Working Papers Series (2014); also forthcoming in Emerging Markets Review (2015)

Evaluation of IFC’s Africa Credit Bureau Program. Harten, S. and Metha, S.; Report published by SECO (2015 forthcoming)

Greenfield microfinance in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cull, R.; Harten, S.; and Bull, G.; Interest Bearing Notes, Vol.18 No.1 (2015)

Greenfield microfinance – a business model for advancing financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa? Cull, R.; Harten, S.; and Bull, G; in SME Finance Forum, 02/2015 (http://smefinanceforum.org/post/greenfield-microfinance-%E2%80%93-a-business-model-for-advancing-financial-inclusion-in-sub-saharan-afr)  

How to make M&E more effective for learning? Lessons from IFC’s experience in Africa. Paper presented at CGAP Smart Aid Conference, Paris 28-29.01 2014

Implementation of Market Level Measurement frameworks – Lessons from IFC’s experience in Africa. Presented at CGAP Conference, Paris 18-19.06 2015

The Rise of Evo Morales and the MAS. ZED Books (2011). ISBN-13: 978-1848135246

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The MAS Party in Bolivia: A challenge to theories of political parties? Paper presented at Institute for the Study of the Americas’ (University of London) Bolivia Information Forum Conference, 20 Novermber 2009

Translating the demand of “global justice” into local practice. Paper presented at European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) conference, Helsinki, 7-12.6.2007

Hacia un partido “tradicional”? Un análisis del cambio organizativo interno en el Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) en Bolivia. Paper presented at Consejo Europeo de Investigación Scientífica sobre America Latina (CEISAL) conference, Brussels, 11-14.4.2007; also available at: Nuevo Mundo Mundos Nuevos, Coloquios, 2007, nuevomundo.revues.org//index4468.html       

‘The convergence of social movements: hope for democracy?’, Bolivian Studies Journal, Nr.13, 2006


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Dr Sven Harten

Head of Competence Centre for Evaluation Methodology / Deputy Director

Phone: +49 (0)228 336907-950

E-mail: sven.harten@DEval.org

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