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Blended finance: further development of methods and standards

The mix of public and private funding for development cooperation, also known as “blended finance”, is creating new challenges for evaluation. DEval participates in different OECD working groups where it contributes thematic and methodological expertise in measuring the impact of blended finance projects.

It is represented in the OECD-DAC EvalNet Working Group on “Evaluating Blended Finance”, the “Impact Working Group” of the Tri Hita Kara Roadmap on Blended Finance, and the Community of Practice on Private Finance for Sustainable Development (COP-PFSD). In the Working Group on “Evaluating Blended Finance”, which concentrates mainly on improving evaluation practice in the context of blended finance, DEval leads the subgroup on the development of evaluation methods for different blended finance instruments/approaches and is drafting a working paper for this area in collaboration with a consultant. Within the Tri Hita Karana Working Group, DEval jointly leads the subgroup on impact and impact measurement along with the Center for Global Development, developed a checklist for measuring the impact of blended finance on the poorest of the poor. Likewise in the Community of Practice, which deals with aspects including the development of impact standards, DEval’s main contribution is the evaluative perspective.
Representatives of a variety of actors are involved in the working groups: these range from multilateral and bilateral development banks, ministries and agencies from DAC donor countries, to the private sector, science, think tanks and international and civil society organisations.  The working groups promote and coordinate dialogue between these groups in order to develop market-wide standards and/or methods in the evaluation of blended finance projects and programmes. Established standards and methods will contribute to increasing the impact orientation of approaches with reference to development policy objectives.


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