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Sarah Desiree Klier

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Sarah Klier joined DEval in January 2013 after having worked for the Center of Evaluation (CEval) in Saarbrücken. At CEval she realised various evaluations of international cooperation projects, inter alia a large-scale impact evaluation of Fairtrade, applying an ex-post facto design in six case studies around the world. Sarah Klier also functioned as a professor in the “Master of Evaluation” of the Saarland University and as a trainer in Costa Rica in the GIZ programme “Promoting Evaluation Capacities in Central America”. Prior to joining CEval Sarah worked with GIZ in the regional division Latin America, Asia and the Pacific. She did research in Colombia for her master thesis on the demobilisation of ex-combatants. Sarah holds an MA of political science of the Justus Liebig University, Gießen. She worked as a trainer in different evaluation courses and participated in the development of various ECD-formats.

Key Qualifications

Thematic focus

Fragile states;

Peace and conflict;

Post-conflict states;

Rural development and Fairtrade

Methodological focus

Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD);

Implementation of large-scale impact evaluations;

Trainer for evaluation, including topics like evaluation implementation, evaluation standards, evaluation designs, identification of indicators etc.

Regional focus

Africa: Ghana, Kenya

Asia: Georgia, India, Nepal 

Latin America: Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru

Selected Publications

Frölich, M., Landmann, A., Olapade, M., and Poppe, R. (2013). Non-experimental methodologies for quantitative analysis. In R. Radermacher and K. Roth (Eds.), Practical guide to impact assessments of microinsurance (chapter 6). Microinsurance Network and Micro Insurance Academy.

Poppe, R. (2012). Essays in Development Economics (Doctoral dissertation). University of Mannheim.


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Sarah Desiree Klier

Team Leader

Phone: +49 (0)228 336907-943

E-mail: sarah.klier@DEval.org

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