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Nataly Salas-Rodríguez

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Nataly Salas joined DEval in March 2018. Before joining DEval, she worked for several years as an independent evaluator and as a social and human rights specialist for the Costa Rican judiciary system. She has worked developing empowerment projects, planning, developing, managing and teaching about programmatic evaluation. She also worked at UNHCR as a community services specialist. She collaborated with the DEval on the evaluation of the action plan for the inclusion of people with disabilities in Guatemala. She has a master degree in Programatic Evaluation at the University of Costa Rica and a degree in Social Psychology.


Portrait von Nataly Salas
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Nataly Salas-Rodríguez

Coordinator of the regional office in Costa Rica

Phone: +506 2202-8678

E-mail: nataly.salas@DEval.org

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