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Mojib Rahman Atal

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Mojib Rahman Atal worked as a Research Fellow for Central Institute for Area Studies at the University of Friedrich-Alexander-Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) in an interdisciplinary research project (Verbal Violence against Migrants and Refugees in German Institutions) before joining the DEval. Within the project at the FAU and his PhD research, he has conducted qualitative and quantitative research in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. Since 2020, he teaches Migration Politics at Georg Simon Ohm University (TH Nürnberg) too. He has worked as Political Adviser for the German Consulate General and NATO’s Senior Civilian Representative in Mazar-e Sharif Afghanistan before moving to Germany at the end of 2015. As a consultant, he has advised and supported the Federal Foreign Ministry on the evacuation of the local employees of the German government from Afghanistan. His research areas cover migration, institutional violence, corruption, and state-building.

Key Qualifications

Thematic Focus

Institutional violence against Afghan migrants and refugees,


Political science,




Methodological Focus

Qualitative and quantitative data analysis,

Comparative Studies,

Interdisciplinary and research-oriented analysis

Regional focus


Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Sweden)


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Mojib Rahman Atal


Phone: +49 228-336907-968

E-mail: mojib.atal@DEval.org

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