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Policy Brief: COVID-19: The General Public's Attitudes towards Development Policy Measures and Vaccine Distribution

  • Jens Eger
  • Dr Sebastian H. Schneider
  • Nora Sassenhagen
  • Dr Martin Bruder

This policy brief summarises the results of a representative survey on international solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic among 1,000 individuals in Germany conducted in November 2021. These show that despite the acute coronavirus situation in Germany, the high level of public support for measures to tackle the pandemic in the Global South provides a solid basis for development cooperation. 

Bibliographical information

  • Eger, J., S. H. Schneider, N. Sassenhagen and M. Bruder (2022), COVID-19: The general public's attitudes towards development policy measures and vaccine distribution. Results of a survey on international solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic, DEval Policy Brief 2/2022, German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval), Bonn.
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