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Matthew Kellogg

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Matthew Kellogg has been an evaluator at DEval since July 2022. Previously, he worked at Engagement Global as project coordinator for monitoring and evaluation for the Service Agency Communities in One World. He studied Political Science (BA) in Tübingen and International Administration and Conflict Management (MA) in Konstanz. During a study-related stay in Ukraine, he researched systems of political patronage as drivers of conflict in the post-Soviet space and conducted field research on the causes of the war in the Donbass.

Key Qualifications

Thematic focus

Fragile statehood

Civil-military cooperation

State development cooperation


Quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical social research and evaluation

Regional focus

The post-Soviet space




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Matthew Kellogg


Phone: +49 (0)228 336907-919

E-mail: matthew.kellogg@DEval.org

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