German Institute for Development Evaluation

Evaluation program

Evaluation Program 2013-2015

The evaluation program 2013-2015 is the multi-annual work schedule of DEval.
The overriding goal of DEval is to evaluate the German government and non-governmental development cooperation.

Initial year 2013:

Health Sector Rwanda
Baseline Study on DEval and its DC environment (German Development Organisations )
Sustainable Economic Development Myanmar
Accompanying Measures to Budget Support in sub-Saharan Africa
Capital Market
Triangular Cooperation
Development Workers
Health Sector
Afghanistan Desk Review
Aid for Trade (Trade Related Assistance)
Rural Development / Private Sector Promotion Kenya

Please find here the complete rolling evaluation program of 2013 - 2015

The full version of the rolling evaluation programme for 2013-2015 is available here:

Evaluation reports

German-Rwandan cooperation

 DEval is now assessing thirty years of German-Rwandan cooperation in Rwanda's health sector.

German development cooperation in the Rwandan health sector finished at the end of 2012, providing a good opportunity to review the overall contribution made by German efforts in this sector.

This cooperation lasted over thirty years. The aim of our evaluation is now to learn from this long experience and apply the lessons learnt to policy design, accountability, strategic management of similar interventions and the general development of knowledge and know-how.

Our analysis of the most important social, political and economic trends will cover the entire period since 1980, forming the basis of a critical review of German-Rwandan cooperation since 1980. An overview of health sector transformations and of trends in the state of health across the Rwandan population are integral components of this context analysis .

 The full evaluation is scheduled for completion in November 2013, with the final report being published in April 2014.

ECD - Evaluation Capacity Development

The purpose of ECD is to empower partner countries to carry out their own evaluations of development interventions - meeting international standards but undertaken by a partner country's own institutions.

Learning from evaluation

DEval's performance reviews and impact studies are not only an exercise in accountability. Through our evaluation work we also fosters a learning culture in Germany and in partner countries.

“A lot of nonsense has been going on.”

On 16 November 2013, the Berliner Zeitung published an interview with Prof. Dr. Helmut Asche, the Managing Director of DEval.

DEval is looking for working students for ECD

The institute is looking for working students for Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD) from January 2014 for a period of four to six months. Job description only available in German.

Prof. Dr. Helmut Asche withdrawn

Prof. Dr. Helmut Asche has been withdrawn as Director of the German Institute for Development Evaluations (DEval).

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TICA (The Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency) visited DEval

A delegation of representatives of the Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA) visited DEval for an informational talk.

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What is evaluation?

Evaluation is the assessment of international cooperation projects, programs or political activities. It comes to the questions: "What is the outcome of development aid?" And, "Is the invest money of the German taxpayer well spent?“

What are the tasks of the institute?

Deval considering the measures have made ​​a difference or not. It makes suggestions on what can be improved in similar projects in the future. And refers knowledge and experience to others.

What is so special about Deval?

The special thing about Deval: its guaranteed scientific independence from the Ministry and the implementing agencies. And evaluations are also performed there: the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the implementing agencies for projects of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the KfW Development Bank.