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23.07.2019 - EvalParticipativa: Evaluation for everyone

EvalParticipativa is the participatory evaluation community for Latin America and the Caribbean. The initiative is financed by DEval’s Evaluation Capacity Development project FOCELAC (Fomento de capacidades en evaluación en Latinoamérica) in collaboration with the PETAS study programme at the National University of San Juan (Argentina).

EvalParticipativa ’s primary objective is to strengthen and integrate civil society into evaluation processes. To this end, the project intends to create a virtual space for exchanging learning materials and experiences. Manuals and guidelines on participatory evaluation will be available to interested individuals.

The basic idea of EvalParticipativa is to allow anybody who is interested to develop specialist expertise in the topic. This is why EvalParticipativa wants to include all individuals and organisations with an interest in evaluation approaches that allow social participation.

Those who are interested can contact EvalParticipativa via various channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or write a message to the initiative in the online forum.

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