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28.06.2019 - #Eval2019: Strengthening Evaluation Culture in Latin America

For the third year in a row, the Evaluation Week took place in Latin America. This is an initiative promoted by the Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results in Latin America and the Caribbean (CLEAR-LAC).  This year, #Eval2019 was also hosted in other regions of the world and had a very good global response.  Activities were carried out from June 3 to 7, 2019.

Group photo of workshop participants
Workshop with Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs), Mexico City, Mexico

In addition to its role as #Eval2019 convener in the region, FOCELAC was actively involved in the development and implementation of activities in six Latin American countries - Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Costa Rica. FOCELAC is focusing its efforts to create a strong evaluation culture in these countries; however, it does not rule out opportunities for working closely with other countries in the region.

Picture of Nataly Salas of FOCELAC
Online course hosted by CICAP, Costa Rica

A total of 15 activities were conducted with either support from or the active participation of FOCELAC.

The activities focused on building evaluation capacity and promoting critical thinking on the use of evaluations and the organizational conditions required to embed a culture of evaluation in countries in the region. The approximately 200 participants attending these activities made the project’s reach in the region evident.

Subjects discussed in the six countries included: facilitating tools for young and emerging evaluators; how to achieve a more open involvement by other stakeholders; learning from how indigenous peoples evaluate; promoting the use of evaluation findings; enhancing the role of government institutions in evaluation; among many others. With the help of social media the activities were made available beyond these countries’ national borders.

Juan Sanz from DEval during Seminar
Seminar on Institutionalizing Evaluation, Quito, Ecuador

The FOCELAC project seeks to strengthen and link together actors in selected countries of Latin America, to enable them to strengthen their evaluation roles (both learning and decision-making, and transparency and accountability) within the framework of the 2030 Agenda. It is implemented by the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval) and its partner organization, the Costa Rican Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy (Mideplan).

Logo reads: with financial support from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

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