German Institute for Development Evaluation

ReLAC conference: a network of universities to advance evaluation across Latin America and the Caribbean is possible

18.03.2015 - At the fourth ReLAC Conference FOCEVAL organised a forum for dialogue between various academic institutions with the aim of setting up a network of universities that offer programmes specialising in the field of monitoring and evaluation and to share information.

Professor Reinhard Stockmann of the Center for Evaluation (CEval) at Saarland University reported on the experience of the European Collaboration on University Study Programmes in Evaluation (USPE) network. The network was formed to provide a permanent arena for exchange between the various universities with academic programmes in this field.

The meeting attracted representatives of universities from a number of countries, including Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, all of which currently offer courses in monitoring and evaluation. All the actors agreed that creating a Latin American university evaluation network would be a key to the wider exchange of information and ideas and would foster learning from experience.

An action group was formed, tasked with advancing the initiative and preparing the next steps towards network activation. If you belong to a relevant academic unit and would like to get involved in the network, please don't hesitate to contact the FOCEVAL team.

Discussion on steps to build a Latin American university evaluation network
Prof Dr Reinhard Stockmann, Saarland University, Fidel Arevalo Universidad San Carlos Guatemala, Cristina Galindez, CLEAR