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"How can humanitarian and development responses to conflict-induced migration crises be linked effectively?"

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How successful has the ‘Action Plan’ been in advancing the mainstreaming of disability inclusion in German development cooperation?

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What do we know about the effectiveness of budget support?

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Donor-assisted land-use planning in the Philippines - a suitable tool to improve governance of land resources and disaster risk management?

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Partnerships with the private sector to enlist support from private companies in achieving sustainable development goals – a model for the future?

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How do politicians, public administrators, and civil society actors in partner countries perceive the reform support provided by German development cooperation?

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DEval supported the development of evaluation standards for Latin America and the Caribbean with its Evaluation Capacity Development project FOCEVAL.

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How are projects distributed across developing and emerging countries concerning their political and economic structures?

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Health systems strengthening in German development cooperation: an unfinished business

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How to improve impact-oriented planning and the preconditions for measuring impact in a new partner country? Find out more about DEval’s approach and findings within the context of the program on sustainable economic development in Myanmar.

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Assignment of development workers - an outdated instrument of personnel development cooperation?

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Panel 1 der Konferenz

On 5-6 November 2015, DEval and the evaluation units of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation hosted an international conference in Berlin.

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Which contribution do non-financial elements of budget support make for meeting the objectives of this instrument?

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Which developments have been promoted or initiated in the practice of evaluation in German development cooperation by the last „system review“?

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The report „Baseline study of DEval and its environment“ recorded the status quo of the institute’s performance areas for future impact assessment of its work.

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Can development cooperation enable an environment that is conducive to stability? A guest contribution of the Policy Brief series presents the results of a long-term impact analysis in Northeast Afghanistan 2007–2013.

Open Policy Brief 04/2015 here >

Cover of the DEval study German Aid for Trade

What is the German approach to Aid for Trade? How could the approach be refined?

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Title of the Afghanistan report

Afghanistan is one of the main partners of German Development Cooperation. The assessment of the evaluative work on German DC in Afghanistan conducted until the end of 2013 is being reviewed in a report.

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Titelfoto des Ruanda Berichts

30 years of Rwandan-German Development Cooperation in the Health Sector: What are the lessons learnt?

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What we do

We conduct strategic evaluations, develop and adapt evaluation methods and approaches and promote evaluation capacity development in the partner countries of German Development Cooperation.

Latin American Evaluation Week #Eval2018

FOCEVAL participates in Latin American Evaluation Week #Eval2018

Strengthening evaluation in Latin America

DEval and ReLAC formalise their cooperation to strengthen evaluation in Latin America.

Rural 21: "Impact assessment in complex evaluations"

DEval-authors Martin Noltze, Gerald Leppert and Sven Harten in the current issue of Rural 21.

“Filling the gaps”

Emmanuel Jimenez and Marie Gaarder of the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) sparked a lively discussion among evaluation experts at DEval on 29 January.

Costa Rican Deputy Minister of MIDEPLAN visits DEval

Maria del Pilar Garrido Gonzalo visited project partners from FOCEVAL in Germany.