Our Evaluation Programme

The DEval evaluation programme is the result of an annual consultation process for the next three years of evaluations. New focus topics and the content of individual evaluations are decided on in the programme. DEval’s evaluations address governmental and non-governmental German development cooperation. 

The consultation process for the evaluation programme incorporates proposals from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), from the DEval Advisory Board and from institute employees themselves. The collected proposals are then assessed using established evaluation criteria and the coherence of the proposals with the selected focus topics is checked. The outcome of the planning process is a DEval programme proposal, which is presented to the institute’s Advisory Board and requires the approval of BMZ. Once the shareholder has approved the programme proposal, the evaluation programme is published on the institute’s homepage.

The Evaluation Programme 2022-2024

In addition to the evaluations that are already under way, the following evaluations are planned for the period of 2022 to 2024:

  • Meta Evaluation of DEval Country Portfolio Reviews
  • Pilot Evaluation of the Country Portfolio Reviews Tool
  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Decentralisation Projects in Africa
  • Evaluation Study on the Effects of German/International Contributions to the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Developing and Emerging Countries
  • Support of the BMZ for Voluntary Return and Reintegration
  • Attitudes of the General Public towards Development Cooperation and Sustainable Development 2024 (Phase IV)

The programme also comprises multiannual focus topics, the majority of which have strong connections to the DEval evaluations.

Our Focus Topics 2022-2024

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