German Institute for Development Evaluation

Effectiveness of German Development Cooperation in dealing with conflict-induced forced migration crises

Deval is evaluating the effectiveness of German Development Cooperation in dealing with conflict-induced migration crises by the example of the Partnership for Prospects Initiative in the Middle East. We will concentrate on the effectiveness of German contributions to enable refugees and internally displaced persons to take control of their lives again. Crucial questions are: what are the conditions, instruments and approaches of the initiative to successfully alleviate immediate consequences of the crisis and create lasting outcomes for refugees, internally displaced persons, and host communities alike.

In the first quarter of 2018 the literature review „Building Bridges between International Humanitarian and Development Responses to Forced Migration“ was published as a component of the evaluation. The evaluation considers successful linkages as potentially conducive factors for the effectiveness of development cooperation in dealing with conflict-induced migration crises.

Preliminary timetable:

1. First quarter 2018: Inception Report

2. Second quarter 2018: First case study in Jordan

3. Third-Fourth quarter 2018: Second case study in Jordan

4. First-Second quarter 2019: Case study in Turkey and further data collection

5. Third-Fourth quarter 2019: Analysis and synthesis of results, final draft of the final report

6. First quarter 2020: Publication of final report

As at: February 2019