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Ruben Wedel

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Ruben Wedel has been working for DEval as an evaluator since March 2016. Prior to joining DEval, Ruben worked in the sectors of emergency relief, disaster risk reduction and resilience. From 2005-2008 he worked as Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Coordinator for Kindernothilfe during the response to the tsunami and civil war. He then completed a master’s degree in Humanitarian Action at the University College Dublin in Ireland. Following this, Ruben worked as a Disaster Risk Reduction Consultant in Haiti and Indonesia for Save the Children and the International Organization for Migration. Ruben subsequently joined the Red Cross in Haiti as Resilience Coordinator from 2012 to 2015.

Key qualifications

Thematic focus

Disaster Risk Reduction (Vulnerability Capacity Assessment, Disaster Risk Management, Risk Mitigation Planning)

Programme Monitoring and Evaluation, Impact Evaluation

Emergency Relief (Rapid Needs Assessment, Coordination, Mobile Data Collection)

Rehabilitation (Infrastructure, participartory approaches in rehabilitation)

Resilience (Organisational Resilience Strategy Development, Resilience Measuring, Programme Development and mainstreaming)


Regional focus

Haiti, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia

Selected publications

Kocks, Alexander, Ruben Wedel, Hanne Roggemann und Helge Roxin (2019), The strategic dimension of the humanitarian-development gap - conceptual claims and empirical evidence. Rural 21, Vol. 53, Nr. 1/2019.

Kocks, Alexander, Ruben Wedel, Hanne Roggemann, Helge Roxin (2018), Building Bridges Between International Humanitarian and Development Responses to Forced Migration, A Review of Conceptual and Empirical Literature with a Case Study on the Response to the Syria Crisis, Rapport 2018, No. 02 till Expertgruppen för biståndsanalys (EBA).

Cribben, C., J. Grundberg, R. Wedel (2011), Community-Based Disaster Risk Management: Experience form Indonesia, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Indonesia, Yogyakarta.


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Ruben Wedel

Evaluator - Team Leader

Phone: +49 (0)228 336907-958

E-mail: ruben.wedel@DEval.org

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