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Nora Sassenhagen

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Nora Sassenhagen has been working as an evaluator at DEval since August 2020. Prior to that, she gained practical experience in the Evaluation Unit of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), at Médicos del Mundo in the Dominican Republic and research stays in Tel Aviv, Istanbul and the Social Cognition Center Cologne.

Nora Sassenhagen studied psychology in Göttingen and Valencia and completed her M.Sc. in Intercultural Psychology with a minor in International Migration and Intercultural Relations in Osnabrück. Her focus was on intergroup processes such as prejudice and culturally sensitive research. In her master's thesis she investigated the influence of the evaluative environment on the discriminatory perception of women. While working, she continued her education in Gender and Queer Studies at the University of Cologne.

Key qualifications

Thematic focus

attitude research,


intercultural sensitivity

Methodological focus

Qualitative and quantitative methods of empirical social research,

especially (quasi-)experimental research designs

Selected Publications

Sassenhagen, N., J. Eger, S. H. Schneider, M. Bruder, J. Faust (3. Dezember 2020), "Caught between solidarity and self-interest: Public support for development cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany", Blog Development Compass. [Link Development Compass] [Link DEval Blog +Evidenz, in German]

Kahalon, R., Bareket, O., Vial, A.C., Sassenhagen, N., Becker, J. C., & Shnabel, N. (2019). The Madonna-Whore Dichotomy Is Associated With Patriarchy Endorsement: Evidence from Israel, Germany, and the United States. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 43(3), 348-367. https://doi.org/10.1177/0361684319843298

Basile, G., Sassenhagen, N., & Polanco, P. (2017). Aproximaciones epidemiológicas al Dengue y Zika virus desde la perspectiva de género en República Dominicana. Convenio Oxfam / Médicos del Mundo. Retrieved from: http://www.mdm.org.ar/informes/41/17-03-30_Aproximaciones-Epidemiologicas-al-dengue-y-zika2.pdf


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Nora Sassenhagen


Phone: +49 (0)228 336907-912

E-mail: Nora.sassenhagen@DEval.org

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