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Dr Jutta Blauert

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Jutta Blauert joined DEval in October 2021 as evaluator of the ECD Team of Deval´s Competence Center for Evaluation Methodology. There she works on the FOCELAC+ project with focus on Inclusive Evaluation. Previously, she worked, amongst others, at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Sussex, and the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London. She gained her teaching and research experience in various postgraduate programmes including as a guest lecturer and researcher at various institutes in Mexico.

She completed her PhD in Rural Sociology and Environment at the University of London on the topic of environmental projects and policies in southern Mexico. She also extended her experience in research and capacity building in participatory planning and impact evaluation thanks to her work as a freelance evaluator, consultant and trainer in Development Cooperation in Latin America, especially Mexico.  Her publications are mainly concerned with the topic of participatory evaluation and sustainable natural resource use.

Key Qualifications

Thematic focus

Sustainable rural development;

Community-based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM);

Human rights in the field of environment and protected areas

Methodological focus

Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD);

Conducting participatory impact assessments

Regional focus

Latin America: Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Central America

Evaluations and Projects

Further Evaluation Projects

Latin American Evaluation Community EvalParticipativa

Evaluation together with national and regional public programmes.

Selected Publications

Yaron, G. & Blauert, J. & Guevara Sangines, A. (2005): “What determines successful sustainable development projects? Some evidence from the PRODERS experience in Mexico”, in: Jeremy Holland (Ed.): Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Development Research, IT Publications, London, pp. 71-83.

Blauert, J., Dietz, K. & Pimbert, M.P. (2004): Of dreams and shadows: seeking change for the institutionalisation of participation for natural resource management. The case of the Mexican regional sustainable development programme PRODERS, IIED/IDS, London/Brighton, Institutionalising Participation Series.

Blauert, J. & Quintanar, E. (2000): "Seeking local indicators: Participatory stakeholder evaluation of farmer-to-farmer projects, Mexico", ”, in: M.Estrella, et.al. (Eds): Learning from change: issues and experiences in participatory monitoring and evaluation, London: IT Publications, pp. 32-49.

Gaventa, J., Blauert, J., Estrella, M., Campilan, D., Gonsalves, J.F., Guijt, J.D., & Ricafort, R. (2000): "Learning to change by learning from change: going to scale with Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation", in: M.Estrella, et.al. (Eds.): Learning from change: issues and experiences in participatory monitoring and evaluation, London: IT Publications, pp. 229-242.

Estrella, M., Blauert, J., Campilan, D., Gaventa, J., Gonsalves, J., Guijt, I., Johnson, D. A., & Ricafort, R. (2000): Learning from Change: Issues and Experiences in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, Intermediate Technology Publications. (Also published in Spanish in Mexico in 2003 as: Aprender del Cambio: temas y experiencias en seguimiento y evaluación participativos, Mexico DF/Ottawa: Plaza y Valdés/IDRC).

Pasteur, K. & Blauert, J. (2000): Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in Latin America: An overview of the literature with annotated bibliography, IDS Development Bibliographies Nr. 18, Brighton. (Also published in Spanish as Seguimiento y Evaluación Participativa en Latinoamérica: Panorama Bibliográfico y Bibliografía anotada, Lima/Rome/Brighton: Preval/FIDA/IDS).


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Dr Jutta Blauert


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