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Dr. Wiebke Stein

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Dr. Wiebke Stein started working as an evaluator for the DEval in May 2022. She studied economics (BSc) in Hannover and Bristol and holds a Master’s Degree in International Development Studies (MSc) from the University of Amsterdam. Afterwards she obtained a PhD in Economics with a focus on development economics from the University of Hannover (Dr. rer. pol.). During her PhD, she worked within a large-scale government funded research project that focuses on poverty dynamics and sustainable development in Southeast Asia: the Thailand Vietnam Socio Economic Panel (TVSEP). She regularly participated in large quantitative surveys in Thailand and Vietnam. Additionally, she conducted a survey and a lab-in-the-field experiment in Thailand on the financial behavior of vulnerable households. Her research focuses on the effects of floods on subjective well-being, financial behavior among vulnerable households, and the importance of non-cognitive skills for occupational outcomes in rural areas in Southeast Asia. Dr. Stein gathered practical experience in development cooperation during several research stays in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean and by working as a consultant for the World Bank.

Key Qualifications

Thematic Focus

Poverty dynamics,

Financial behaviour of vulnerable households,

Social protection,

Personality traits,

Subjective well-being

Methodological Focus

Qualitative and quantitative data analysis,

Experience in leading large quantitative research projects in low- and middle-income countries,

(Quasi)-experimental study designs, including lab-in-the-field experiments

Regional focus

Southeast Asia,

The Pacific,


Current Evaluations at DEval

Evaluation of the Corona Emergency Program

Selected Publications

Stein, W. & Weisser, R. (2022): “Direct shock experience vs. tangential shock exposure: Indirect effects of flood shocks on well-being and preferences.”, World Bank Economic Review, forthcoming.

Bühler, D., Sharma, R. & Stein, W. (2020): “Occupational Attainment and Earnings in Southeast Asia: The Role of Non-cognitive Skills.”, Labour Economics (67).

Klühs, T. Koch, M. & Stein, W. (2020): “Household over-indebtedness is related to high income expectations and eased lending.” [published in German], DIW Weekly Report 11 / 2020, S. 175-181.

Klühs, T. Koch, M. & Stein, W. (2020): „In the debt trap.“ [published in German], Makronom Online Magazine.


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Dr. Wiebke Stein


Phone: +49 228-336907-976

E-mail: wiebke.stein@DEval.org

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