Our guiding principles

Our work is guided by our principles which we continuously develop in our daily work:


...in our analyses and evaluations, so as to ensure a neutral and factual basis for judgements and recommendations for our stakeholder.


...in developing our work programme and carrying out evaluations, so as to ensure they are relevant, useful, and enable learning.


...in our activities, which comply with nationally and internationally recognised standards for evaluation and research.


...in our collaboration with key players from developing countries, which is mutually beneficial.


...via stakeholders’ involvement in our evaluations. This enhances the quality of our work and its lessons learned without jeopardising our independence.


...in our management of public funds which we receive for conducting our evaluations.


...about our procedures and findings. This transparency can only be restricted for reasons of national security or if the life and wellbeing of partners and staff would otherwise be endangered.

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