Evaluation Capacity Development

Handbook for participatory evaluation

EvalParticipativa shares its experiences

The initiative EvalParticipativa has published a handbook for participatory evaluation. The group highlights the importance of foregrounding "the multitude of voices and experiences of the people involved in development processes", especially during a time that reveals the limits of self-sufficiency.

"Sowing and Harvest. A Handbook for participatory Evaluation" introduces and develops the phases and stages of participatory evaluation, the major role played by the facilitators of those evaluation processes as well as the part that participatory techniques and instruments play in the evaluation approach. The handbook in Spanish can be downloaded here, the English version will be available by mid-year 2021.

EvalParticipativa is the result of a joint initiative between the Research Program on Employment, the Environment and Society (PETAS) at the National University of San Juan (Argentina) and Focelac, the project for evaluation capacity development and networking in Latin America run jointly by the Costa Rican Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy (Mideplan) and DEval.

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