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#Eval4Action Walk the Talk: From promises to action for influential evaluation

#Eval4Action Walk the Talk campaign starts on October 1st.

A month-long #Eval4Action Walk the Talk video drive will take place from 1-31 October 2021 on Twitter. The digital event marks one year from the #Eval4Action Commitment Drive in October 2020, where over 125 commitments were made to accelerate action for influential evaluation. It’s now time to showcase the delivery of these voluntary promises. All actions for influential evaluation (even those without a prior commitment) are vital for equitable and sustainable recovery from COVID-19 and to get back on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Focelac+ is a partner of the Eval4Action campaign and supports its advocacy efforts in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. We are actively engaging and supporting Walk the Talk to renew mobilization and commitment to deliver actions for influential evaluation. 

The Walk the Talk drive is open to everyone, and video contributions can be made in any language.  If you are interested to learn more on how to contribute and support the Walk the Talk drive, please read the FAQ sheet, video guide and communications pack

Reach out to contact[at]eval4action.org to join and engage with Eval4Action. 

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