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Event on Rigorous Evidence with Nobel Memorial Prize Laureate Abhijit Banerjee

J-PAL Europe and the Briq Institute are hosting a four-day event on rigorous impact evaluations in Germany and beyond.

J-PAL Europe, in partnership with the Briq Institute, is hosting an event to discuss and learn about the use of evidence and rigorous impact evaluations in Germany and beyond. DEval will provide insights from the German development cooperation and share results from the research project on rigorous impact evaluation.

Spanning four days, the event will commence with a forum where speakers will share insights fromin their respective fields, and recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences Abhijit Banerjee (MIT; Director, J-PAL; Scientific Director, J-PAL Europe) will deliver a keynote speech.

Subsequently, interested participants can attend a version of J-PAL’s Evaluation Social Programs course for a deeper dive into why and when randomized evaluations can be used to rigorously measure social impact and how findings can inform the design of evidence-based policies and programs. Learn more and apply »

Abhijit Banerjee speaking at a panel
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