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09.10.2017 - “Challenges for Development Cooperation – European Evaluation Perspectives”

Deval invited evaluation experts from the Netherlands, Norway and Finland to a panel discussion on “Challenges for Development Cooperation – European Evaluation Perspectives”. The event took place on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 in the Universitätsclub Bonn.

The discussion focused on four major topics:

  1. Lessons drawn from development cooperation interventions in conflict driven countries such as Afghanistan or Syria
  2. Effectiveness of mitigation and adaptation in the area of climate change
  3. Innovations for poverty alleviation in development cooperation
  4. The role of democracy support in development cooperation

The panel discussion revealed that there is growing evidence from evaluation efforts in all of these four key areas. Evaluation have thus contributed to positively influencing respective development cooperation policies. However, the panelists stressed that further evaluation efforts are needed in order to continuously learn from experiences in the field as a means to make development cooperation policies even more effective. In terms of future directions, the panelists stressed the need for better coordination and exchange of experiences.

Panel participants:

  • Wendy Asbeek Brusse (Director of the Evaluation Department (IOB), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands)
  • Per Øyvind Bastøe (Evaluation Director, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation NORAD)
  • Jyrki Pulkkinen (Director of Development Evaluation, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland)
  • Jörg Faust (Director of the German Institute for Development Evaluation DEval)
Left to right: Per Øyvind Bastøe, Jörg Faust, Wendy Asbeek Brusse, Jyrki Pulkkinen

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