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DEval’s Evaluation Capacity Development has been evaluated

In 2023 the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval) commissioned an independent evaluation of DEval’s work on Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD).

This independent evaluation of DEval’s work on Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD) was implemented together with the Costa Rican Ministry of Planning (Mideplan). The findings highlighted DEval’s systemic ECD-approach. DEval’s principles of stakeholder engagement, adaptability, and sustainability were deemed transferable to different contexts, including sub-Saharan Africa. The report also noted that integrating ECD within DEval faces obstacles, mainly due to differing paradigms on flexibility and partner involvement. Despite these challenges, DEval’s international collaborations and networks have positioned it as a respected entity in the global ECD sector, with ongoing efforts to expand its influence and impact.

This evaluation aimed to provide evidence to support and enhance future ECD initiatives within DEval. Key areas of interest included learning from past successes and challenges, collaborating with partners and networks, enhancing synergies with international organizations, transferring DEval’s work to new regions, and integrating ECD into DEval’s institutional structure. Through a comprehensive process involving meetings, workshops, desk-based research, surveys, and over 40 interviews, the evaluation concentrated on initiatives in Costa Rica and the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, as well as DEval’s international collaborations. On May 23rd DEval evaluator Sarah Klier had the opportunity to present the findings at the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG).

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