German Institute for Development Evaluation
Organizational structure of the Institute: Managing Director, three evaluation offices, the center of excellence method development and evaluation capacity development, management, press and public relations

Organisational chart of DEval

The German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval) has a core of 80 permanent staff, who are working within three evaluation departments, a competence centre for methodology development and evaluation capacity development, an administrative section and a media and public relations unit.

Structure and funding

The organisation

The German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval) operates as a non-profit limited liability company (gGmbH), headquartered in Bonn. The sole shareholder is the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The organisation's function, stipulated as the institutional purpose, is to promote development cooperation by means of independent analyses and assessments of the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of development cooperation measures and by drawing up recommendations for their improvement. The company also promotes the capacity of people and organisations in cooperation countries to perform their own analyses and assessments.

Its functions include:

• Conducting strategic evaluations

• Advancing evaluation methods and standards

• Fostering the dissemination of knowledge and learning from evaluations

• Strengthening evaluation capacities in developing countries

• Networking and cooperating with national and international actors in the fields of evaluation research and evaluation practice

The core task here is to perform independent, scientifically sound and policy-relevant evaluations. Scientific independence in the performance of these evaluations is guaranteed by the organisation's Articles of Association.

DEval's two official governing bodies are the Shareholder Meeting and the Management Board. The Management Board currently consists of a Director and a Deputy Director.

As for DEval's supervisory body, this role is played by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ):

In accordance with the organisation's Articles of Association, DEval also has an Advisory Board to which it regularly reports on the institute's activities, its general developments and future prospects. The Advisory Board advises the institute on mission-related activities, in particular on questions concerning the design of the overall evaluation programme, the planning and implementation of evaluations, including the scientific methods being applied, and the findings and recommendations generated by the evaluations.


The funding needed for the organisation to perform ist institutional purpose is received in the form of institutional grants agreed by the German Bundestag in the course of its annual budget consultation and paid to DEval from the BMZ's departmental budget. These allocations are made on the basis of an annual budget plan drawn up by DEval covering the planning for all activities in its core business fields.

Third-party funding

In principle, DEval may also perform work within the framework of its institutional purpose that is funded from third-party sources if such arrangements do not threaten the public-benefit nature of the organisation and do not give rise to any conflicts of interest. This means, in particular, that DEval may not conduct evaluations commissioned by German implementing organisations. In any case, DEval has not yet raised any third-party funding.  

Annual records and audits

Each year, the Management Board submits an annual financial statement to the Shareholder Meeting, evidence of use of funds and a medium-term work plan for the institute. It also reports twice yearly on the institute's activities. Moreover, DEval follows the Public Corporate Governance Codex of the Federal Government, reporting annually to its supervisory body on compliance with the codex (Corporate Governance Bericht 2014, see documents below).


Institute management

On 01 May 2015, Prof Dr Jörg Faust was appointed to his position as Director of the evaluation institute.