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26.04.2019 - Rigorous Impact Evaluation: A powerful tool for learning and accountability

Deval-Director Jörg Faust made a strong plea for rigorous impact evaluation in his keynote presentation at a conference hosted by the Green Climate Fund and the Center for Evaluation and Development (C4ED) in Mannheim.

Experimental and quasi-experimental designs are not only an instrument of accountability, Faust argued, but also a powerful tool for learning and fostering result-based planning and implementation – even for ongoing projects and programs. To achieve this, he suggested, evaluators must embed the designs in sound theoretical/conceptual frameworks, combine them with qualitative methods, and take context seriously.

The event in Mannheim was another important step in bringing together practitioners and evaluation experts to develop specific designs for rigorous impact evaluations of actual projects. These evaluations will be implemented over the next few years to support the projects concerned.

Over 50 practitioners from Africa, Asia and Latin America, who are involved in implementing Green Climate Fund projects, attended the three-day conference. Delegates also included evaluation experts from the Fund, from C4ED, as well as from DEval and other organisations renowned for rigorous impact evaluations (Innovations for Poverty Action, J-PAL Europe).

DEval-Director Jörg Faust

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