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24.05.2019 - FOCELAC activities during Evaluation Week 2019

During gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2019, the FOCELAC project (Building Capacity and Bringing Together Actors in Evaluation in Latin America) will support a number of activities in five countries in the region: Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica.

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To promote sharing and thinking on the development and use of evaluations, and build capacity in how to conduct an evaluation, a number of workshops, panels, webinars and online presentations are scheduled.

In Mexico City, a number of workshops targeted toward Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs) will be held to build both soft and technical skills, to help those only just starting the evaluation path in developing these skills in the best possible manner. The issues to be addressed are as follows:

- How can I enhance my profile as a YEE in evaluation processes?
- Effective use of evaluation: How to communicate effectively
- Evaluation and participation
- Analysis and assessment of problem areas
- Evaluation research techniques

In addition, a round table will be held to discuss experiences and strategies to incorporate YEEs into national evaluation networks. The workshops will be jointly hosted with the LAC and Mexican chapters of EvalYouth and the National Academy of Evaluators of Mexico (ACEVAL).

In Jalisco, Mexico, on Thursday, June 6, a conference and workshop will be hosted on participatory evaluation, learnings and the challenges of the experience in Costa Rica and its potential use in Jalisco. The aim of the workshop is to build capacity of evaluators and evaluation managers in an approach to promote citizen participation in evaluation developed by FOCELAC for Costa Rica. These activities are under the coordination of the Secretariat of Planning and Citizen Participation of Jalisco.

In Ecuador, the focus is on the institutionalization of evaluation and the country’s potential to create a body bringing together the main evaluation actors in the country. For this purpose, the experience in Costa Rica with the creation of a National Evaluation Platform will be shared, the role of DEval in these types of processes will be discussed, and a number of examples of evaluation experiences will be displayed together with the National Secretariat of Planning and Development of Ecuador; the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation of Peru, and the National Planning Department of Colombia. The main partner in this country is Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.

A webinar will be jointly held in Cali, Colombia, with EvalIndigenous, the Indigenous Voices Project and ReLAC, to listen to the voices of indigenous peoples contributing to inter-cultural evaluation processes. Indigenous evaluators from Colombia and Guatemala will participate.

In Chile, The NGO TECHO will share the findings of a participatory evaluation, "Work Table," undertaken by TECHO and FOCEVAL in 2018. Work Table is a social intervention approach that brings together volunteers and local settlement inhabitants as an opportunity for thinking and neighborhood problem solving. This activity will be broadcast live under the following link:

Finally, in Costa Rica a panel on “Evaluation as a Tool for the Legislative Power” will take place. The aim is to promote discussion on evaluation as a tool to support members of congress’ decision-making on policy issues. Two deputies and the Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy will participate as panel members.

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