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25.05.2020 - 3ie presents the new Development Evidence Portal

As part of 3ie's Virtual Evidence Week a group of experts (Birte Snilstveit (3ie) , Marion Krämer (DEval), Marie Gaarder (3ie) and Mark Engelbert (3ie)) presented the Development Evidence Portal with its various features, explained how to use it and discussed its role in generating more evidence.

The new portal reflects the progress made by development research in producing rigorous impact evaluations. Here, Marion Krämer highlighted the fact that the portal is a good way of introducing policy-makers who are not familiar with impact evaluations to relevant completed studies:

“For a country like Germany that doesn’t have that much experience with rigorous impact evaluation, the usage side is a much easier entry point … than doing impact evaluations yourself,” she said. “Doing your own rigorous evaluations requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of resources.” (3ie)

Click here to watch a recording of the panel debate and find out more. 3ie has also posted a blog article on the presentation.

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