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Virtual Training on Rigorous Impact Evaluation (RIE)

15.12.2020, Online | Veranstalter: DEval RIE Team

The DEval RIE team organizes a virtual workshop on rigorous impact evaluation (RIE) conducted by a team of experienced RIE experts from the Center for Evaluation and Development (C4ED).


Online Seminar: Creating and using Knowledge for Policymaking in Africa

02.07.2020, | Veranstalter: University of Goettingen

The aim of this 3D seminar series is to bring together two speakers – one researcher and one policymaker/practitioner – to discuss related topics. Having a mixed audience of scholars, policymakers and students allows for evidence-based and policy-relevant discussions that we would love to sustain for much longer than the Covid19 crisis.


Online Seminar: Leveraging Evidence for Effective Development Policy

25.06.2020, | Veranstalter: University of Goettingen

In a online seminar initiated by the Department of Development Economics at the University of Göttingen, Howard White (Campbell Collaboration) and Jörg Faust (DEval) will discuss how to leverage evidence for effective development policy. The online seminar is a part of the seminar series the Digital Development Dialogue (3D).


This session will introduce the ISE4GEMs methodology (inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender equality, Environments and Marginalized voices) emphasizing its relevance in contexts characterized by complexity. The theoretical approach to the methodology will be supported with the practical experience of a UN Women-led ongoing evaluation in the countries of the Caribbean.

The seminar consists of a master lecture by Emilie Duchamp, expert at iied in evaluation of adaptation to climate change in the countries of the Global South, with introduction and moderation by Dirk Hoffmann, of the FOCELAC project.

In a collaborative project with DEval, 3ie has mapped the evidence base of 275 studies — impact evaluations and systematic reviews — that address efforts to build peaceful and resilient societies in fragile contexts. In this online seminar, the authors will present the key findings of the new evidence gap map (EGM) and share tips on how to use the EGM and its findings to improve peacebuilding programming and research.

Anna Schrimpf, executive director of J-PAL Europe, will give a presentation on how randomized impact evaluations can successfully be converted into evidence-based policy-making.

DEval invites you to a presentation and discussion with Emilie Beauchamp and Stefano D’Errico from the International Institute for Environmental Development (IIED), one of the leading policy research institutes in the field of environment and development.

Shravanti Reddy (UN Women) will give a first-hand account of the UN journey towards integrating human rights and gender equality in evaluation.

DEval and UN Women invite you to participate in a workshop on the evaluation approach „Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender equality, Environments and Marginalized voices (ISE4GEMs)“.